Let's meet Subrata Ghosh..

Subrata Ghosh likes to speak about painting in terms of an unending series of disinterred, metamorphosed images, signs, symbols having their origin in archetypal forms of objects and concepts. His pictorial constructs tend to span a world of forgotten language and the contemporary reality of the eye. Often they seem to simulate in psychic aesthetic terms a resurgence of epic or mythical archetypes that rise or descend in the shape of bubbles encapsulating brittle and splintered narratives struggling to relate themselves to the fleeting present. The heretical painter is thus compelled to communicate with others as well as himself in a twilight idiom, if only to describe the reality of the phenomenalism he is trying to unravel.

Let's take you into My Collection inspired by colors, people and real life.

My Paintings

This is what my life is all about. My art & my love. My paintings are stories of life and legends.

My Notes

Maintaining a notebook of experiences is my hobby. I observe, learn and love to share.